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When it comes to Pakistani fashion, Azfay Collection is the trendy new kid on the block. Officially launched in 2016, this eastern fashion and apparel brand all started with one simple idea: bring the colors, fabrics, and styles of Pakistan to women abroad in the form of beautiful Pakistani clothing.

The team behind Azfay is comprised of a married couple, with each individual bringing their own distinct skills and assets to the table. A wife, whose knowledge and passion for all the latest fashion trends in Pakistan and a husband, whose widespread travels are a source of constant inspiration for the brand. Together, this dynamic duo have merged their skills together to offer Pakistanis abroad all the latest eastern fashions at the tips of their fingers.

At Azfay, the business philosophy is simple: provide a wide selection of high quality clothing for every budget. To see this philosophy to fruition, the team buys all the materials for each garment straight from the manufacturers, take them to the best tailors and have everything stitched to perfection. By eliminating the need for a middleman, Azfay ensures that the resulting benefit is passed on directly to you.

Azfay embarked on this venture to give Pakistani women living abroad easy access to the ethnic clothes they know and love.

With just a few clicks, you’ll have a parcel on your doorstep which contains a little piece of home.

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